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An illustrated catalog of this clipart is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. These are PNG format image files.

Advisors.png (44K)
Scaphio and Phantis talking with King Paramount.

Dance.png (25K)
The two Wise Men, Scaphio and Phantis, dance with the Public Exploder, Tarara.

Dance2.png (10K)
Same, from behind. Good illustration for the back of a Utopia Limited program.

Dojustis.png (35K)
Princess Zara, seated, listening to Captain Fitzbattleaxe. "A tenor can't do himself justice Now observe . . ."

Goldbury.png (51K)
Mr. Goldbury proposes the establishment of a Company Limited -- "Some seven men form an Association."

Lifeguard.png (49K)
One of the First Lifeguards being admired by a bevy of court ladies.

Lovers.png (32K)
Captain Fitzbattleaxe and Princess Zara.

Minstrel.png (38K)
The King and Flowers of Progress in their Christy Minstrels scene.

Phantis.png (26K)
Wise Man Phantis.

Scaphio.png (21K)
Wise Man Scaphio.

TheTwins.png (50K)
King Paramount's twin daughters, Nekaya and Kalbya, being placed on display by the Lady Sophy.

ZaraFitz.png (15K)
Captain Fitzbattleaxe with Princess Zara again.

These clip art pictures are all copyright free illustrations. They are from contemporary sources (mostly contemporary periodicals). They are in PNG format, which can be used by a any modern computer program.

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