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First Night Cast

King Paramount the First (King of Utopia) Mr. Rutland Barrington
Scaphio (Two Judges of the Utopian Supreme Court) Mr. W. H. Denny
Phantis Mr. John Le Hay
Tarara (The Public Exploder) Mr. Walter Passmore
Calynx (the Utopian Vice-Chamberlain) Mr. Bowden Haswell
Imported Flowers of Progress
Lord Dramaleigh (a British Lord Chamberlain) Mr. Scott Russell
Captain Fitzbattleaxe (First Life Guards) Mr. Charles Kenningham
Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, K.C.B.
                                         (of the Royal Navy)
Mr. Lawrence Gridley
Mr. Goldbury (a Company Promoter) Mr. Scott Fishe
Sir Bailey Barre, Q.C. Mr. Enes Blackmore
Mr. Blushington (of the County Council) Mr. Herbert Ralland

The Princess Zara (Eldest Daughter of King Paramount) Miss Nancy McIntosh
The Princess Nekaya (her Younger Sisters) Miss Emmie Owen
The Princess Kalyba Miss Florence Perry
The Lady Sophy (their English Governess) Miss Rosina Brandram
(Utopian Maidens)
Miss Edith Johnston
Melene Miss May Bell
Phylla Miss Florence Easton

The Opera produced under the Personal Direction of the Author and Composer.

ACT I — A Utopian Palm Grove Mr. Hawes Craven (by permission of Mr. Henry Irving)
ACT II — Throne Room in King Paramount's Palace

On this occasion the Opera will be conducted by the Composer

Stage Director — Mr. Charles Harris
Musical Director — Mr François Cellier

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