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These are the changes made by Larry Byler to his Utopia piano-vocal score for Version 2.0. They are provided for the merely curious, and for those who would prefer to print out only changed pages instead of the entire score.

Changes fall into three broad categories: minor respacing (moving notes and lyrics for better readability), supplying previously omitted formatting (second repeat endings, missing tempi, etc.), and note and lyric changes and additions. I have grouped the total set of changes within one of these three, so that those who are interested only in note changes, for example, do not have to search for them among the formatting changes.

Each reference includes a page number. Except for the final two entries, this is the printed page number, not the pdf page number. Most references also include a staff number on that page, and a measure number of that staff. The notation format is page/staff/measure number. For example: 23/2/2 means (printed) Page 23, second staff on the page, second measure of the second staff.

Note and lyric changes

Act I

No. 2a 15/4/1 piano, notes unchanged, but the inner notes were assigned to the opposite hand to avoid partial hand crossing.
No. 4 24/1/4 24/2/4 piano right hand, beats 1 and 2, notes are now B-D-E.
24/3/2 24/3/4 transposed piano rh up one octave.
24/4/1 piano rh, changed first note to A5 (down one fifth).
28/1/4 added bracketed C# (editor's emendation, sung in D'Oyly Carte recording).
No. 4a 33/3/1 (end) piano lh, added 16th note pickup to 33/3/2.
35-36 simplified piano lh (removed lower octave)
No. 7 59/2/2 59/2/4 piano lh beat 2, added tied chord.
No. 10 81/2/1 piano lh, beat two, lowered Eb one octave
No. 12 83/2/1-2 added violin run in piano rh. This forced reformatting both pages 83 and 84, adding a staff system.
86/3/2 vocal, replaced "she" with "this" (per Bradley).
99/2/5 respelled C# as Db, added courtesy D-natural 99/2/6.
103/2/1 103/2/3 piano lh, changed top note from Ab to G-natural.
103/3/1 piano lh, is now a Bb octave.

Act II

No. 14 129/1/3 piano rh, added second voice.
No. 20 155-156 added bracketed (editor's emendation) tempi and luftpausen.
156/2/6 piano rh, changed E-flat to E-natural.
No. 22 169/3/4 - 170/2/2 changed piano rhythms to match orchestra. Reformatted through 171/2.
No. 23 174/1/1 changed Goldbury's first note to Bb.
174/2/1 changed Goldbury's second note to Ab.
No. 24 182/3/3 - 183/3/2 piano lh, changed to better represent orchestral color.
No. 25 184/3/2-3 piano rh, added Ab-to-G for color.
186/2/4 inserted "King: (spoken) I knew very well why I did not...".
187/3/2 piano r.h., moved chords to offbeat.
No. 27 196/2/3 piano, added pickup and beat 3, as in the orchestra.
196/3/3 piano rh, final of four beamed 16th notes is an A-natural.

Reformatting changes

Act I

No. 1 10/1/1 piano rh, last note, added parentheses.
No. 2a 16/3/1 added second repeat ending.
No. 3 23/2/2 vocal, 2nd verse, added hyphen "ty -"
23/3/5 added second repeat ending.
No. 4a 31/1/5 added second repeat ending.
37/2/3 added second repeat ending.
37/3/2 added "Recit."
No. 5 47/2/1 added third repeat ending.
No. 10 79/2 piano, replaced (incorrect) ties with slurs, entire line.
No. 12 92/2 deleted "(No. 12a.)" label.
  94 extended first repeat.
98/2/1 moved "staccato", lowered top beam, piano rh, to accommodate new editor's tempo emendation "Andante comodo".
99/3/1 deleted ("No. 12b)" label.
109/1/1 deleted ("No. 12c)" label.
112/1/5 changed first ending text to "1. & 2."
112/1/6 added third repeat ending.
124/1/1 added second repeat ending.

Act II

No. 13 127 piano rh, enabled repeat endings.
127 fixed 1st repeat.
128/1/1 added second repeat ending.
No. 14 131/1/1 added second repeat ending.
No. 18 143/3/2 piano lh, deleted top F.
pp.144 ff resized piano notes to 100%.
144/1/1 added "Voices only".
No. 22 169/2/3 added verse 1, verse 2 annotation.
No. 24 184/1/1 added second repeat ending.
No. 25 186/1/2 added "Recit." to Lady Sophy.
188/1/1 added second repeat ending.
No. 27 187/1/4 added second repeat ending.

Respacing changes

Act I

No. 1 10/1/1 Phylla vocal, shifted second word "at".
No. 3 21/3/4 22/1/2 22/1/6 22/2/4 piano rh, respaced to show ties.
No. 4a 33/3/2 33/3/3 piano lh, respaced to show ties.
No. 7 56/2/4 57/2/4 respaced.
No. 8 68/3/3 respaced to show tie on beat 3.
No. 10 77/2/1-2 piano rh, adjusted spacing to show ties better.
No. 12 92/4 reformatted so lyrics are not as crowded.
98/4/6 respaced to get accidentals on proper side of barline.
123/2/2 men, flipped stem on 2nd note.

Act II

No. 15 p. 136 cleaned up repeat formatting.
No. 18 143/2/2 vocal, flip first four notes.
143/3/2 piano, respaced to show ties.
144/1 respaced entire line to show ties better.
No. 21 162/4/2 piano rh, moved first F# to show existing tie better.
163/1/3-4 and 166/2/3-4 piano lh, moved natural sign.
No. 22 171/2/4 separated second repeat ending from first.
No. 23 178/3/2 vocal, moved dot on first note closer to stem.
179/1/4 evened up note spacing.
No. 24 183/4/1-2 respaced for better space uniformity.
No. 25 185/2/1 moved notes to show existing tie better.
185/3/3 moved notes to show existing tie better.
187/2/1 respaced.
No. 26 192/3/4, respaced.
193/3 respaced.

Appendix 1

A3/1/1 respaced so beat 2 doesn't crowd beat 1.

Miscellaneous changes

pdf pages 1-2 added a cover and credits
pdf page 4 added a scanned copy of Chappell's Dramatis Personae.

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