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Reconstruction of Song No. 8

Ah! Gallant Soldier, Brave and True

Reconstruction by Paul M. Scott

When we performed Utopia in 1995 the orchestra parts [hired from D'Oyly Carte] were seriously wrong, so I reconstructed No.8 to make it match the Chappell Vocal Score. Much of the missing music was copied from the orchestra parts to no.7, but another verse was added from within no.8. I also added 8 bars of exit music, as heard on a recording I had borrowed [sorry, I don't know which]. I had to guess at the orchestration for this by listening to it.

I plan to add the voice parts later, but I have submitted it to the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive because I believe this might be of interest as it stands.

This work was done on Notator [the score writer I had then], and has been transferred to Sibelius recently. The transfer was quite messy, and some errors may have crept in as a result of the tidying up. Of course I no longer have the orchestra parts to check with, so I would recommend anyone who uses these to check them in that way.

Notes on the Sibelius Version

To see the score you need the Sibelius Scorch Plug-in. This plug-in can be downloaded free of charge from the Sibelius website. It works with Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 3 browsers, or above, running on Windows 95/98/NT4 and Mac System 7.1 or later. Typical download time is 4-5 minutes with a 28.8K modem. To view some additional scores in Sibelius format see Paul's web site at

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