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No. 6: DUET (Lady Sophy & King Paramount)
"Subjected to your heavenly gaze"

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King Paramount.
Subjected to your heavenly gaze
(Poetical phrase),
My brain is turned completely.
Observe me now,
No monarch, I vow,
Was ever so far afflicted!

Lady Sophy.
I'm pleased with that poetical phrase,
"A heavenly gaze,"
But though you put it neatly,
Say what you will,
These paragraphs still
Remain uncontradicted.
Rutland Barrington as King Paramount, 1893
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Rosina Brandram as Lady Sophy, 1893
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Lady Sophy.
Come, crush me this contemptible worm
(A forcible term),
If he's assailed you wrongly.
The rage display,
Which, as you say,
Has moved your Majesty lately.

King Paramount.
Though I admit that forcible term
"Contemptible worm,"
Appeals to me most strongly,
To treat this pest
As you suggest
Would pain my Majesty greatly.

Lady Sophy. This writer lies!
King. Yes, bother his eyes!
Lady Sophy. He lives, you say?
King. In a sort of a way.
Lady Sophy. Then have him shot.
King. Decidedly not.
Lady Sophy. Or crush him flat.
King. I cannot do that.

O royal Rex,
My/her blameless sex
Abhors such conduct shady.
You/I plead in vain,
I/you will never gain
Respectable English lady!
Respectable English lady!

Dance of repudiation by Lady Sophy. Exit followed by King.

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