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No. 19: TRIO (Scaphio, Phantis & King)
"If you think that, when banded in unity"

Midi Symbol MIDI File [12KB, 1' 29"]

If you think that, when banded in unity,
We may both be defied with impunity,
You are sadly misled of a verity!

If you value repose and tranquility,
You'll revert to a state of docility,
Or prepare to regret your temerity!

If my speech is unduly refractory
You will find it a course satisfactory
At an early Board meeting to show it up.
Though if proper excuse you can trump any,
You may wind up a Limited Company,
You cannot conveniently blow it up!

Scaphio and Phantis thoroughly baffled.

King. (Dancing quietly)
Whene'er I chance to baffle you
I, also, dance a step or two —
Of this now guess the hidden sense,
Of this now guess the hidden sense:

Scaphio and Phantis consider the question as King continues dancing quietly — then give it up.

It means complete indifference!

Scaphio & Phantis.
Of course it does,
Of course it does,
It means complete indifference!

Indifference, indifference, indifference!

King dancing quietly. Scaphio and Phantis dancing furiously.

Scaphio & Phantis.
As we've a dance for every mood
With pas de trois we will conclude,
What this may mean you all may guess —
It typifies remorselessness,
Remorselessness, remorselessness!

It means unruffled cheerfulness!

Scaphio & Phantis. King.
Remorselessness, remorselessness!
It typifies remorselessness!
It means unruffled cheerfulness,
It means unruffled cheerfulness!

King dances off placidly as Scaphio and Phantis dance furiously.

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