George Bentham

George Bentham (1877-78)

[Died pre-1906]

George Bentham, "of His Majesty's Opera Company," created the role of Alexis when The Sorcerer premiered at the Opera Comique in November 1877. He is reported to have made his operatic debut in Brussels in 1869, and appeared on occasion with Mapleson's Opera Company, but spent most of the intervening time as a concert artist. Mr. Bentham had been a soloist at the 1874 Leeds Musical Festival under the direction of Sir Michael Costa.

Alexis was his only role with Carte's fledgling Comedy Opera Company, and it was a less than stellar one. When Carte launched a touring Company in March 1878, Bentham was sent, at Sullivan's behest, to the field, and his role in London given to George Power. Bentham continued to play Alexis on tour until July 1878 when he left the Carte organization.

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