George Clarke (1887)

[?Born Brooklyn, New York 28 Jun 1840, died Norwich Connecticut 3 Oct 1906?]

It seems incongruous that the George Clarke who toured New England as one of the minor ancestors (Sir Mervin Murgatroyd) with D'Oyly Carte's Second American Ruddygore Company from March to May 1887 could be the same George Clarke who was one of the best-known actors of his day, but perhaps he was.

The famous George Clarke began his career in juvenile roles in 1855.He played with several stock companies in New York, Boston, and on tour.At one point in his career he was connected with Barnum's Museum.At others he was under the management of Lester Wallack or A. M. Palmer, but he was principally known for his long service with Augustin Daly, for whom he worked as stage manager as well as actor, playing character parts in Shakespearian comedies, frequently opposite Ada Rehan, in London as well as America.His last appearance in New York was in The Embassy Ball in 1905.

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