Edward J. Cloney (1885-86, 1887)

In February-March 1884 Edward J. Cloney played Scynthius in the first New York production of Princess Ida (Fifth Avenue Theatre).It was managed by John Stetson and, while not technically a D'Oyly Carte production, was staged with Carte's authorization.

He was apparently a chorister with D'Oyly Carte's Second American Mikado Company in 1885-86.During the week of December 28, 1885, Cloney filled in as the Mikado, while Arthur Wilkinson was doing emergency duty as Ko-Ko.

From February to May 1887, again with Stetson, Cloney appeared under the D'Oyly Carte banner for a second time, touring the Northeastern United States first as Arac in Princess Ida, then as an ancestor with Carte's Second American Ruddygore Company, beginning in March.

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