Fanny Cohen (1886)

Fanny Cohen made her first appearance on the New York Stage in a musical comedy called The Kindergarten. It had brief runs in February 1885 at Leavitt and Pastor's Third Avenue Theatre, and in June of that year at Poole's Theatre.

She toured New England as Peep-Bo with D'Oyly Carte's Fourth American Mikado Company in February 1886.It was her only engagement with the D'Oyly Carte organization.

Miss Cohen then left the musical stage, but later appeared in New York in such long-forgotten dramas as Held in Slavery (Poole's Theatre, 1890), The Bottom of the Sea (Miner's People's Theatre, 1890), The Man of One Hundred Faces (Hermann's Theatre, 1891), and The Lost Paradise (Star Theatre, 1892, and People's and Columbia Theatres, 1893).

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