J. P. Curran (1901-02)

[Born c.1859, died Ventnor City, New Jersey 21 Nov 1930]

John P. Curran appeared as Mickie O'Hara in The Emerald Isle with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "D," also known as the "Savoy Touring Company," from September 1901 to May 1902.It was his only appearance with the D'Oyly Carte and quite possibly his only appearance on the British Stage.

Curran was a noted vaudeville actor who toured America for 26 years with "Pop" Ward.Ward and Curran were best remembered for their popular skit "The Terrible Judge."He also appeared with the original Clipper Quartet; the Lottie Collins Troubabours; Thatcher, Primrose & West's Minstrels; and Haverly's Minstrels.Curran was Me-Too (one of "three giddy maidens from Vassar") in a Haverly production of The Ci-gar-do (a burlesque of The Mikado) in 1886.His last appearance on stage was in 1915 with Anna Held's road show.

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