Cecil Curtis (1908-09)

Cecil Curtis made his London Stage debut as the Cigarette Seller in My Mimosa Maid (Prince of Wales's, April-July 1908).

Later that year he joined the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company at the Savoy during the Company's Second London Repertory Season.He took his first named part as Morgan Llewellyn in the one-act companion piece A Welsh Sunset, which played with The Pirates of Penzance from December 1908 forward.When The Gondoliers and The Yeomen of the Guard were added to the season in January and March 1909 respectively, Curtis took Giorgio and Second Yeoman in the new operas.The season, and Curtis's D'Oyly Carte career, ended on March 27, 1909.

Curtis made few and infrequent appearances in London programs thereafter:as Corporal Kellert in Autumn Manouvres (Adelphi, 1912), a chorister in Wildflower (Shaftesbury, Adelphi, and His Majesty's, 1926-27), and Uncle Ed in Paprika (His Majesty's, 1938).

He was married to D'Oyly Carte soubrette Ethel Beech.

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