Henri Delplanque (1892-95)

[Born London c.1863]

Henri Delplanque, born Henry Charles Delplanque, toured from May 1892 to December with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "D." He took several small parts including Samuel Chunk in Captain Billy (May-December 1892), Mr. Wallaby (and possibly Mr. Fraser) in Quite an Adventure (periodically from August 1892 to March 1895), Major Domo in Haddon Hall (December 1892-December 1893), Escatero in The Chieftain (February-August 1895), and Guron in Princess Ida (September-December 1895). For a fortnight (December 15-29, 1894) he appeared as Mr. Wallaby at the Savoy when Quite an Adventure was given as a curtain raiser for The Chieftain.

Delplanque appears to have left the D'Oyly Carte organization in December 1895. He later appeared in London as Aitken in the domestic drama The Free Pardon (Olympic, 1897) and as William in the musical comedy The Belle of New York (New Century and Lyric, 1901-02).

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