Ada Dorée as Mrs. Partlett in The Sorcerer

Ada Dorée (1884-85)

[Born c.1850, died Middlesex 28 Apr 1916]

Ada Dorée was born Ada Elizabeth Earée and trained at the Guildhall School of Music where she had received a scholarship in singing. She next gained dramatic experience with the Philothespians and the South Kensington Amateurs before joining Mr. D'Oyly Carte's newly-established "A" (Princess Ida No. 2) Company in February 1884 as Lady Blanche.

When The Sorcerer was revived at the Savoy in October 1884, Miss Dorée was called to London to take the second leading contralto part, that of Mrs. Partlett. She played Mrs. Partlett throughout the revival (until March 1885), then took the same part on tour with Carte's "D" Company through May 9 when the tour ended.At this point she left the Carte organization.

After leaving the Company she remained active in comic opera, appearing in The Punch Bowl on tour (1888), Carina at the Opera Comique (1888-89), and Faddimar at the Vaudeville (1889). In autumn 1889 she went on tour with Auguste van Biene in Faust up to Date.She returned to London on occasion over the next several years appearing in a pantomime at the Prince of Wales's (1890-91), Faust up to Date at the Gaiety (1892), A Modern Don Quixote at the Strand (1893), The Piper of Hamelin and Masters Sandford and Merton at the Comedy (1893), and Jaunty Jane Shore, a burlesque at the Stand (1894).

She was married to baritone Eric Thorne, who toured with D'Oyly Carte's Company "A" in 1884-85.

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