Charles Earldon (1897-1903)

Charles Earldon was a member of the chorus and small part player with the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company at the Savoy from 1897 until 1903. He was Baron Michael in His Majesty from February-April 1897, and was in the chorus for the May 1897 first London revival of The Yeomen of the Guard.His presence in the Savoy chorus has been confirmed for The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein (December 1897 to March 1898), The Beauty Stone (May-July 1898), H.M.S. Pinafore (June-November 1899), and Patience (November 1900-April 1901).

For The Emerald Isle (April-November 1901), Earldon was Mickie O'Hara.He was back in the chorus for Merrie England (April 1902-January 1903, at the Savoy and on tour), though he did fill in as A Soldier in December 1902. It was presumably chorus duty again when A Princess of Kensington played at the Savoy (January-May 1903), but when the Company went on tour (May-September 1903) Earldon was the Recruiting Sergeant.We can probably assume that he was in the Savoy chorus for the other operas performed between 1897 and 1903.

Like many members of the Savoy Company, Earldon left the D'Oyly Carte organization after A Princess of Kensington and migrated to the Adelphi, where he appeared in the chorus of The Earl and the Girl and as the Chief Swineherd and one of Three Big Dogs in Little Hans Anderson (December 1903-January 1904).They were his last named parts on the London Stage.

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