Florence Easton (1892-94)

Florence Easton appeared in several small parts, and one large one, at the Savoy between May 1892 and June 1894.She was Polly in Captain Billy, the one-act curtain raiser that accompanied The Vicar of Bray, in May and June 1892.She created the part Deborah in Haddon Hall in September 1892, and in April 1893 succeeded Lucile Hill as Dorothy Vernon for the last several nights of the opera.She also appeared (in March-April and June-July 1893) as Winifred in Mr. Jericho, another one-act piece that preceded Haddon Hall and Jane Annie on the Savoy bill for a portion of their runs.From November 1893 to June 1894 she took the small part of Phylla in the first production of Utopia Limited.

She was not the well-known operatic soprano of the same name.

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