Maud Ellicott

Maud Ellicott (1894)

[Born Calcutta]

Maud Ellicott spent most of her early years in India, but had studied singing at the Royal Academy of Music in London.She returned to England in the autumn of 1893, after appearing in a charity production of Iolanthe in Calcutta earlier that year, with the idea of studying and, perhaps, going on the stage.Mr. Clement Scott, the noted critic and playwright, had witnessed her performance in India and wrote a letter of introduction to Richard D'Oyly Carte on her behalf.

She made her London debut in early 1894, going on for Nancy McIntosh for three nights at the Savoy as Princess Zara in Utopia Limited.She then spent three months as Zara on tour with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "D" from March to June.In July 1894 she returned to the Savoy where she was picked to play the title character in the revised version of Mirette.She married two nights into the run and left the D'Oyly Carte and stage the next month when Mirette closed.

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