Lindsay Gray as Mrs. Clutterbuck in The Cinema Star

(Miss) Lindsay Gray (1890-92)

Miss Lindsay Gray was a chorister with Carte's American Gondoliers Company at New York's Palmer's Theatre from February to April 1890. It seems likely she was with that Company when it returned to the British Isles as Company "D" later that year. At some point in 1890 or 1891 she joined Carte's Company "E," with which she succeeded Alice Gresham in the small role of Inez in The Gondoliers in March 1891. The Gondoliers was dropped from the Company "E" repertoire in June 1892, and at that point our record of Miss Gray with the Company ceases, although she may well have remained in the chorus.

It would be nearly twenty years before she took her first named part on the London Stage, as Mahumahu in Richard Watson Tully's Hawaiian play The Bird of Paradise (Lyric, November 1919- June 1920). Over the next five years, Lindsay Gray appeared regularly in London in a variety of musical and dramatic works.

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