W. R. Greatback (1885-87, 1890, 1893-94, 1896)

W. R. Greatback was a chorister with at least six D'Oyly Carte companies between April 1885 and July 1896. He was with Mr. D'Oyly Carte's "C" (Repertory) Company (April-June 1885), Carte's First American The Mikado Company in New York and Boston (August 1885-May 1886), Carte's Continental Company in Germany (June 1886-January 1887), Carte's Opera Companies "D" (1890) and "E" (1893-94), and with the main company at the Savoy for the July 1896 revival of The Mikado. His only named parts were the Mikado of Japan in The Mikado (substituting in January 1893), and Major Domo in Haddon Hall (May-November 1893) on tour with Company "E."

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