Walter Greyling as Archibald Grosvenor in Patience

Walter Greyling (1880-85)

[Born c.1854]

Walter Greyling sang a number of principal baritone roles with various D'Oyly Carte touring companies between December 1880 and December 1885. His parts were Doctor Daly in The Sorcerer (Mr. D'Oyly Carte's "D" Company, December 1880, replacing Fred Billington at the end of a tour), General Stanley in The Pirates of Penzance (Carte's "E" Company, April-November 1881), Archibald Grosvenor in Patience (Carte's No. 2 "Patience" Company, December 1881-August 1882, and No. 1 "Patience" Company, August-Deecmber 1882), Strephon (Carte's No. 2 "Iolanthe" Company, December 1882-February 1883) and the Earl of Mountararat (Carte's No. 1 "Iolanthe" Company, February-December 1883) in Iolanthe, Grosvenor again in Patience (No. 1 "Patience" Company, March-July 1884), and Doctor Daly, King Hildebrand in Princess Ida, and Captain Corcoran in H.M.S. Pinafore (Carte's "A" Company, February-December 1885).

Greyling doubled as stage manager for "Patience" No. 1 in 1884. He returned to the D'Oyly Carte organization briefly as advance (publicity) manager for Mr. D'Oyly Carte's "E" Company in 1888.

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