James B. Husk (1875)

[Born near Bristol 1811, died 18 May 1879]

James Baker Husk was a member of the jury when Trial by Jury received its first performance at the Royalty Theatre March 25, 1875, under the management of Richard D'Oyly Carte. The Company was on tour from June to October 1875, then returned to the Royalty, but under the management of Charles Morton, rather than Carte. While on tour, Husk was promoted to Foreman of the Jury, a role he played only until November, when he was succeeded by W. S. Penley.

Husk had a musical career dating back to the 1840s. It ranged from the London Sacred Harmonic Society to the Cyder Cellar music hall. He was the father of D'Oyly Carte singer Rosa Husk.

(Husk's name appeared in most, if not all, Trial by Jury programs as simply "Mr. Husk." However, Rollins & Witts listed him as "C. Husk" in their D'Oyly Carte "record of productions." There is the possibility that there were two Mr. Husk's. If so, C. may have stood for Cecil. Cecil Husk, whose real name was James Charles Husk, was James B. Husk's son, and was a bass-baritone singer before becoming a music teacher, and, later, one of Great Britain's best known spiritualist mediums.)

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