Edward Jones (m.d., 1887)

[Died 10 Aug 1917]

Conductor and composer Edward Jones was musical director at London's Princess's Theatres from 1881 to 1886.In that capacity, he composed the incidental music for a number of productions including The Lights o' London, The Romany Rye, The Silver King, Claudian, Hamlet, Junius, Hoodman Blind, The Lord Harry, and Clito.Jones also provided the score for Henry Herman's romantic opera Fay o' Fire, produced at the Opera Comique in 1885.

He was briefly musical director for D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "C" performing Ruddigore on tour in the British Isles.He succeeded Ralph Horner in September 1887, and remained with the Company until the tour ended in December of that year.

Jones worked regularly as conductor and composer in London between 1890 until his death in 1917.His musical comedy A Pantomime Rehearsal (Terry's, 1891) was revived on several occasions between 1893 and 1930.His incidental music for Wilson Barrett's The Sign of the Cross (Lyric, January 1896-January 1897) included the hugely popular song "Shepherd of Souls."In subsequent years Jones composed music for The Prince of Borneo (1899), The Thirty Thieves (1901), The West End (1902), The Queen of the Fairies (1909), The Motor Chase (1909), Maid Marjorie (1912), Marusa (1912), Ma'm'selle Champagne (1914), England Expects (1914), Odds and Ends (1914), and More (1915).

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