Henry Lambourne as Luiz in The Gondoliers

Henry Lambourne (1922-27)

[Born c.1898]

Henry Lambourne joined the D'Oyly Carte "New" Opera Company as chorister in July 1922, succeeding Stanley Wallace in the small parts of First Yeoman in The Yeomen of the Guard and Francesco in The Gondoliers in January 1923. For the 1923-24 season, Yeomen was dropped from the "New" Company repertoire, and Francesco was Lambourne's only named part, though he filled in on occasion for principal tenor Hugh Freil as Ralph Rackstraw in H.M.S. Pinafore.

In July 1924, Yeomen was restored but Gondoliers was dropped. For 1924-25 Lambourne's only regular non-chorus role was First Yeoman. He again filled in as Ralph:this time in July 1924 for Leo Darnton.

Since neither Gondoliers nor Yeomen were in the "New" Company schedule for 1925-26, Lambourne had no regular named parts. He did, however, fill in as leading tenor on occasion in all four of the operas played:as the Duke of Dunstable in Patience, Earl Tolloller in Iolanthe, Nanki-Poo in The Mikado, and Richard Dauntless in Ruddigore.

In July 1926, the "New" Company line-up included the return of Gondoliers, this time with Lambourne in the larger role of Luiz, and the revival of Cox and Box, Lambourne playing the tenor half of the title roles as Mr. Box. He would also fill in on occasion in this the last season of the "New" Company as the Duke in Patience. On June 4, 1927, the "New" Company gave its final performance in Richmond and was disbanded. It was Henry Lambourne's last appearance under D'Oyly Carte auspices.

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