E. H. Marre (1878)

E. H. Marre toured the British Isles as a chorister with the Comedy Opera Company Ltd. in the first provincial production of The Sorcerer with Trial by Jury (March-August 1878), taking the small part of the Associate in the shorter work.

From September to December 1878, the Company gave H.M.S. Pinafore its first provincial tour (in rotation with The Sorcerer), along with a new curtain raiser (Two Sharps and a Flat) and after-piece (Congenial Souls, a farce by J. H. Ryley). When given in Manchester, November 4-9, 1878, E. H. Marre played Old Miggs in Congenial Souls. When the tour reached Birmingham later that month, Old Miggs was played by Walter Wadmore.

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