John McCauley as Captain Fitzbattleaxe in Utopia Limited

John McCauley (1892-95)

[Born 1846, died 3 Nov 1915]

John McCauley appeared under D'Oyly Carte management first at the Royal English Opera House between November 1891 and January 1892. He was one of three singers to play the part of Clement Marot in Messager's La Basoche.

In 1892 he transferred to the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company as one of the principal touring tenors, serving until January 1895. McCauley appeared with the D'Oyly Carte as Rev. Henry Sandford in The Vicar of Bray (Company "B," July-August 1892; and Company "D," August-October 1892), John Manners in Haddon Hall (Savoy, November 1892-February 1893; Company "D," February-April 1893; Company "E," April-August 1893; and Company "D" again, August-December 1893), Captain Fitzbattleaxe in Utopia Limited (Company "D," December 1893-June 1894; Company "A," July-October 1894; and Company "D" again October 1894-January 1895), and Picorin in Mirette (January 1895).

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