C. L. Philips

C. L. Philips (1902)

[Born Antwerp, Belgium 1865, died 1912]

Cornelius Leopoldus Philips was briefly Guron in Princess Ida with the D'Oyly Carte Repertoire Opera Company on tour in the autumn of 1902. He may also have been the Mr. Philips who served in the D'Oyly Carte chorus at the Savoy between December 1889 and January 1892 for the original productions of The Gondoliers and The Nautch Girl.

Philips also performed as principal bass with the Carl Rosa Opera Company at some point during his career. He left London in 1906 and resumed work as a painter and decorator. His death from Bright's disease, in 1912, is believed to have been caused by the lead paints with which he worked.

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