Lily Pounds in Patience

Lily Pounds (1887-88, 1891-92)

[Born Chelsea 2 Oct 1864]

Alice Mary (Lily) Pounds was a chorister with a D'Oyly Carte Company that toured Germany, Austria, and Holland from April 1887 to February 1888. She was with Mr. D'Oyly Carte's "E" Company in 1888, appearing as Kate in The Pirates of Penzance regularly from April to June, and on occasion in August. She later joined the D'Oyly Carte chorus at the Savoy for the first production of The Nautch Girl, June 1891-January 1892.

Her first named part in London was Mme. Camembert in Hood & Slaughter's musical comedy The French Maid (Terry's and Vaudeville Theatres, 1897-98). She also appeared as the Queen in the one-act fairy tale The Soldier and the Tinder-box (matinees at Terry's, 1897-98), and later as Queen Placida in the extravaganza Her Royal Highness (Vaudeville, 1898).

Lily Pounds was one of five siblings who appeared with the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. Her brother Courtice was a principal tenor in the 1880s and '90s, and she had three sisters (Louie, Nancy and Rosy) who appeared with D'Oyly Carte companies.

She was married bass-baritone George Mudie (Sr.), who appeared with the Comedy Opera Company on tour under Carte management in 1878.

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