Sydney Price (1879-87)

Sydney Price was as a chorister with Mr. D'Oyly Carte's "Second London" Company between December 1879 and December 1880, with Mr. D'Oyly Carte's No. 1 "Pirates of Penzance" Company in 1882, and with Carte's No. 1 "Patience" Company between May and December 1883. Oddly, he appeared in the same companion piece on each occasion:an operetta by B. T. Hughes and D'Oyly Carte touring musical director P. W. Halton called Matrimony, or Six and Six Where Suited. Price played Digby Chicken, "a serious young man," in 1880, but was Tattenham Corner, "a fast young man," in 1883. It seems likely that Price was a chorister with the D'Oyly Carte organization throughout the early 1880s.

Prince eventually transferred to the Savoy as chorister and understudy for Rutland Barrington. At the Savoy for the first runs of The Mikado (1885-January 1887) and Ruddigore (January-November 1887), he filled in on occasion for Barrington as Pooh-Bah in The Mikado (August 1886) and Sir Despard Murgatroyd in Ruddigore (August 1887).

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