H. Richards as the Headsman in The Yeomen of the Guard

(Mr.) H. Richards (1888-89, 1897, 1919-20)

Mr. H. Richards created the silent role of the Headsman during the first production of The Yeomen of the Guard at the Savoy (October 1888-November 1889) and repeated the role during the first London revival (May-November 1897). He was also credited with the part during the 1919-20 season, and may well have played it during some intervening years (though not for the 1906-07 and 1909 productions at the Savoy where other Headsmen are named).

He was probably not a chorister, since his name is absent from available records for D'Oyly Carte productions other than Yeomen at the Savoy in the 1890s and 1900s. In all likelihood he was a member of the production staff whose physical attributes suited the part.

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