William Robinson (m.d., 1882-88)

[Died Ogden, Utah 8 Oct 1901]

William Robinson was reportedly a student of Arthur Sullivan. He served as musical director for several D'Oyly Carte touring companies in the British provinces beginning in January 1882:Mr. D'Oyly Carte's "Claude Duval" Company (January-March 1882), No. 1 "Pirates of Penzance" Company (April-December 1882), No. 2 "Iolanthe" Company (December 1882-December 1883), "E" Company (January 1884-December 1886), and "B" Company (April 1887-June 1888). Robinson also composed a "musical eccentricity" called My Luck (book by B. T. Hughes), which was played by the D'Oyly Carte on tour in 1882, presumably as a curtain raiser for Pirates.

When the "B" Company tour ended, Robinson left for America, where he conducted Stephens & Solomon's burlesque Penelope at New York's Star Theatre (October 1888) and on tour for Lydia Thompson's company. Robinson was later one of the musical directors of the Castle Square Opera Company in New York and Chicago. In 1900 he went on tour with a company that disbanded early in the season in Ogden, Utah. He remained there until the time of his death the following year.

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