Susie Rusholme (1900)

Susie Rusholme was presumably a chorister during the June-November 1900 revival of The Pirates of Penzance at the Savoy, when she deputized for Agnes Fraser as Isabel in September 1900. It was her only role with the Company.

She later appeared in New York as Columbine in the musical extravaganza The Sleeping Beauty and the Beast (Broadway Theatre, November 1901-May 1902), and in London as Birdie Earle in A. P. K. Sidney Carlton's farcical comedy Dumb-bell Daisy (Great Queen Street Theatre, September-October 1903). In December 1907, as Suzanne Rusholme, she was back in New York at Daly's Theatre as Miss Woodgate in an "entertainment with music" called The Lancers.

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