Ivy Sanders in H.M.S. Pinafore

Ivy Sanders (1935-40, 1942-45)

Ivy Sanders appeared in the chorus of Ivor Novello's Glamorous Night (Drury Lane, May-November 1935) before joining the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company chorus in December 1935. In addition to her chorus duties, she filled in on occasion as Leila in Iolanthe during the next six months. In August 1936 she took over Leila as her own, and at some point in the 1936-37 season added Chloe in Princess Ida. She added Kate in The Pirates of Penzance to her named roles in August 1937, and in September 1938 took on Lady Saphir in Patience and Vittoria in The Gondoliers as well (while filling in on occasion in 1938-39 for Marjorie Eyre as Tessa).

In 1939-40 she appeared regularly in the small contralto role of Inez in The Gondoliers, and for a time (January-June 1940) in the larger contralto part of Little Buttercup in H.M.S. Pinafore, in addition to her continuing duties as Kate (Pirates), Saphir, and Leila. She then left the Company for two years in September 1940.

Miss Sanders returned to the D'Oyly Carte in August 1942 and served for the next three years as Kate (Pirates), Leila, and Vittoria. During her last two seasons, spanning 1943-45, she also substituted from time to time for Miss Eyre as Pitti-Sing in The Mikado. Ivy Sanders left the D'Oyly Carte for good in August 1945.

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