G. T. Scott (1893-95)

Mr. G. T. Scott appeared in the touring D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "E" programs for Utopia Limited as Calynx for most of the period from December 1893 to March 1895. There is no record of his appearing in any other role with D'Oyly Carte, or with any other opera or theatre company. While it seems likely that he was a chorister who took Calynx as his only named part, it is also possible the G. T. Scott was a pseudonym for Henry E. Bellamy who played Captain Corcoran in the same production. (D'Oyly Carte touring companies at the time frequently gave Calynx and Captain Corcoran to the same performer, with a pseudonym in most cases. For a full discussion of this confusing practice, see George Low's article "Who played Calynx?" in the Autumn/Winter 1999 issue of Gilbert & Sullivan News.)

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