Lillie Shandley (1882)

Lillie Shandley made what may have been her New York Stage debut as a page in James Albery & Alfred Cellier's The Spectre Knight at the Bijou Opera House, May 1880, in a double bill with B. C. Stepenson & Cellier's Charity Begins at Home.

She later appeared as a chorister in D'Oyly Carte's New York productions of Claude Duval (March-April 1882) and Les Manteaux Noirs (September-October 1882), and as the Third Lieutenant in Planquette's Rip Van Winkle (October-November 1882), another D'Oyly Carte production at New York's Standard Theatre.

She appeared often on the New York Stage in comic opera over the next eight years, including a burlesque Pin-A-4/Trial by Jury (Koster & Bial's Music Hall, 1886) and The Chandeliers, or Venice in New York, a burlesque of The Gondoliers, in which she played Casilda (Koster & Bial's Concert Hall, 1890).

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