Re Stephanie (1892-96, 1897)

Re (real name Rachel) Stephanie spent the bulk of her D'Oyly Carte career with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "D," appearing in several smaller soprano roles between March 1892 and November 1896:Gertrude (March 1892-December 1893, November 1894-December 1895) and Winifred (on occasion, October 1892 and January-December 1895) in The Vicar of Bray, Mrs. Wallaby in the companion piece Quite an Adventure (periodically from August 1892 to April 1895), Dorothy Vernon (on occasion, November 1893) and Gertrude (briefly, December 1893) in Haddon Hall, Sacharissa (September-October and November-December 1895) and Lady Psyche (October 1895) in Princess Ida, Phylla (December 1893-October 1895 and November-December 1895), Nekaya (briefly, July 1894), Kalyba (October 1895) and Salata (October-November 1896) in Utopia Limited, Maraquita in The Chieftain (February-August 1895), and Gretchen in The Grand Duke (March-November 1896). For a week (December 15-23, 1894) she appeared as Mrs. Wallaby at the Savoy when Quite an Adventure was given as a curtain raiser for The Chieftain.

She transferred to D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "C" in November 1896 (as replacement for Lina Carr, who left that month on a D'Oyly Carte tour of South Africa). For the next few weeks, Miss Stephanie appeared as the Plaintiff in Trial by Jury, Kate in The Pirates of Penzance, Celia in Iolanthe, Lady Psyche in Princess Ida, Peep-Bo in The Mikado, and Kate in The Yeomen of the Guard.

After either a break in service or reversion to chorus duty (from December 1896 to July 1897), Miss Stephanie reappeared with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "B" (the one newly returned from South Africa), appearing as Celia, Kate (Yeomen), and (beginning in October) the Plaintiff. She left later that year.

She later appeared in London in the chorus of the military comic opera The Dandy Fifth (Duke of York's, August-October 1898).

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