Rose von Waldeck as Kate in The Yeomen of the Guard

Rose von Waldeck (1887-92)

[Born 21 Apr 1870, died 2 May 1973]

Rose von Waldeck (real name Ada Margaret Rose Waldeck) was reportedly a soprano chorister and understudy with the D'Oyly Carte organization from 1887 to 1892, though more specific details are lacking. Her only role with the Company was Kate in The Yeomen of the Guard, which she sang with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "B" from January to November 1889.

In 1970 The Savoyard reported that she was visited at her residence in Cheshire in April and serenaded by members of the D'Oyly Carte, who were playing in nearby Manchester, in celebration of her 100th birthday. The Company remained in touch, sending a bouquet and good wishes for her 103rd birthday, just two weeks before her death.

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