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Orchestral MIDI Files

George Pollen has donated MIDI files of synthesized orchestral arrangements of some numbers from The Yeomen of the Guard. You can enjoy other MIDI files sequenced by Mr. Pollen on his Web Site.

The MIDI files

Overture [5' 44", 92KB]
When maiden loves [2' 19", 24KB]
Tower Warders [3' 31", 68KB]
When our gallant Norman foes [2' 30", 24KB]
I have a song to sing, O! [1' 35", 16KB]
Were I thy bride [2' 11", 32KB]
A private buffoon [1' 14", 24KB]
Hereupon we're both agreed [1' 44", 44KB]
Strange Adventure [2' 46", 28KB]
A man who would woo an fair maid [3' 28" 36KB]
Rapture, rapture! [1' 48", 32KB]
Costume design for Jack Point by Peter Goffin, 1940
Jack Point

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