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No. 19 - Song - Dick - "Farewell to the King's Highway."


Dick: Oh, fill me a flagon as high as you please,
And look well that the wine be old.
For I have a toast I would drink, ere we part,
To one fair face that is in this heart
That shall soon be cold.
This one fair girl, had she cared for me,
As I have lov'd her, As I have lov'd her,
Why, certain purses one still might see
Where they ought to be!
Health, for aye, to you!
Masters, good day to you!
Ladies, a kiss to ye!
Your years may be long for laughter and song,
But I shall be upon Tyburn Tree,
In the morning!
  I never have told you, for scarcely I know,
Never offered you kiss or vow;
And lest, little sweetheart, I put you to shame,
I'll never breathe to the world your name;
But you know all now.
So let the devil come claim his own.
I've led him a pace, I'll laugh in his face.
But say to those who my story tell
That I loved one well!
Fortune bright to you!
Ladies, good night to you!
Rascals must have their way!
My ghost it may ride a black steed astride,
But I shall fade like a phantom shade
In the morning upon the Highway!
Chorus: His ghost it may ride
A black steed astride,
But he must fade like a spectral shade,
Dick: Farewell to the King's Highway!

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