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No. 3 - Duet - Flora and Prince


Prince: Thou, dear heart, that hast been in adversity true,
Faithful e'er unto me in my exile afar.
Flora: E'er faithful to thee.
Prince: Through dark clouds, now the fair light is shining anew,
Flora: Ever true,
Prince: And brightly for us,...
Flora: I will be!
Prince: ...there rises Hope's radiant star.
Flora: My heart is thine own
If a cot be thy lot, or a throne.
Prince: If a crown be mine,
Or in exile I pine,
If I reign or I fall;
Thy faith and love
Flora: Tho' in exile you pine,
My heart shall e'er be thine!
Prince: If my star lead me on unto death or a throne,
I shall love thee alone;
Thine shall be all, if I come to mine own,
Thine shall be all;
I would fain win a crown, dear, for thee.
Flora: For my love, for my prince, all that's mine I would give.
Prince: All is thine!
Flora: For thee I would die, for thy cause I would live.
Prince: All for thee!
Flora: Love's day at last shall dawn
When peril's dark night has gone,
Life will be thine then only!
Prince: All my life shall be thine,
All for thee.
Nothing but death shall sever,
Naught in life shall betray;
Flora: True for aye!
Both: Faithful to thee forever and aye,
Let fortune bring whate'er it may,
Ah yes! love's fairest morning at last, dear, is dawning,
Whene'er the night of Peril has gone,
Ah, then will I live, love, only for thee;
Only for thee, ever and aye;
Then I will live, love for thee.

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