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No. 4 - Entrance and Song - Tee-To


Male Chorus: We scoff at the man who sits at home,
With junior on his knee.
Sing ho! for the chap who's free to roam,
The bachelor bold and free!
For why should a fellow concentrate
His love and one adore,
When he can remain in single state,
And love at least a score?
Then tempt us not with the sight of maidens fair,
For who would dwell in a vine-clad cot
When he can be free as air?
As free, my boys, as the air, my boys,
and rambling ev'rywhere.
With a song and a shout for the nightly bout,
And a life all free from care.
Tee-To: Cease I pray you, your cheap bravado.
Men: What say you, Bravado?
Tee-To: Across my reckless pathway there has strayed
A most divinely fair and luscious maid.
No more for me the jovial drinking song,
Thus shall I plead with her the whole day long.
Men: Thus will he plead the whole...
Tee-To: Oh! come with me, sweet creature young and fair,
With you I'll dwell in a vine-clad cot,
Our life shall be free from care.
For you, my love are the one, my love,
My queen beyond compare.
Do not fear, do not doubt,
Such a love devout I'll live for you, I swear.

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