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No. 17 - The Wedding Ceremony


Chorus: Let us cheer them with our blessing,
For they soon will be departed
On a voyage full of guessing,
Full of reefs that are not charted;
Sail away, sail away together,
Weigh the anchor,
Hope for pleasant weather,
Let us give to them a glad goodbye.
Greet the happy pair,
Greet the happy pair.
Behold the paper he has signed,
He leaves all single joys behind.
He leaves all single joys behind,
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye!
Hanki-Pank: You need not mean it when you say
You'll love and honor and obey.
Omee-Omi: I give this man my heart and hand.
Chorus: She gives this man her heart and hand.
Hanki-Pank: This trusting creature here and now
With all your goods you must endow.
Spangle: I'm on! I'm next! I understand.
Hanki-Pank: This solemn contract must remain in force
Until it is annulled by a divorce.
Chorus: They will be man and wife, of course,
Except in case of a divorce.
They'll settle down and happy be,
Until they disagree.
They start away 'neath skies so clear,
Upon a calm and placid sea,
And each will let the other steer
Until at last they disagree.
To you much joy and longest life.
Hanki-Pank: I now pronounce you man and....

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