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No. 9 - Soli and Duo - Violet and Alvin


Alvin: Dark though my fate may be,
Though we're doomed to sever,
Thou'lt be a star to me,
Radiant, distant ever;
Thought cometh fraught with pain,
For the love that fills me
Is cherished all in vain;
Vain the hope that thrills me.
Alvin: Vain for me lapse of years,
Freighted with loves longing,
Summer's suns, winter's rime,
With thy words come thronging,
In my heart shrined must be
Thy sweet image ever,
Lose I all losing thee;
Ah, we're doomed to sever.
Violet: Alvin, ne'er fear me,
Ah! do but hear me;
Though all beset me,
I'll ne'er forget thee,
What e'er betide me.
I'll ne'er a bride be,
'Till our vows plighted
See us united, Ah!
Both: Love like our must triumph yet;
In the bright days coming,
Love like our can ne'er forget,
Until bees cease humming.
Until swallows cease to fly,
In the silent gloaming,
We'll look forward, you and I,
To the bright days coming.
Knickerbocker & Teddy:
  Oh, heel and toe,
We always go,
We always go together,
In rain or shine, in hail or snow,
And never mind the weather.
Oh! heel and toe, we always go...

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