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Woodland is described as "a Forest Fantasy". The book and lyrics are by Frank Pixley and the music by Gustav Luders. It was originally produced at the Studebaker Theatre, Chicago, on 4 September 1904. It transferred to the New York Theatre on 21 November, 1804 with a slightly different cast.

Dramatis Personæ

KING EAGLE   (ruler of Woodland) Dore Davidson
PRINCE EAGLE   (heir to the throne) Cheridah Simpson
BLUE JAY   (a tramp politician) Harry Bulger
ROBIN REDBREAST   (college mate of the Prince) Chas. H. Bowers
GENERAL ROOSTER   (chief of police) Frank Doane
JUDGE OWL   (chief Justice of Woodland) Stanley H. Forde
DR. RAVEN   (court physician) Frank D. Nelson
CARDINAL GROSBEAK   (representing the Church) Harry N. Pyke
LIEUTENANT SPARROW   (commanding the Cadets) Grace King
MISS NIGHTINGALE   (concert singer, betrothed to the Prince) Ida Brooks Hunt
MRS. POLLY PARROT   (a gossiping widow) Ida Mulle
LADY PEACOCK   (a society leader) Emma Carus
MISS TURTLE DOVE   (a country ingenue) Margaret Sayre
LADY HAWK   (the Prince's cousin) Louida Hilliard

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   King Eagle's Royal Court in the Forest, just before sunrise.

ACT II   -   The Birchen Grove - the following morning.

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