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The Yankee Consul is a comic opera in two acts with lyrics by Henry M. Blossom, Jr., and music by Alfred George Robyn. It was produced by Mr. Henry W. Savage at the Broadway Theatre, New York, on 22 February 1904.

Dramatis Personæ

DON RAFAEL DESCHADO   (Governor of Puerto Plata) Jacques Kruger
GEBUBLER   (his Secretary) Henry Brown
CAPTAIN LEOPOLDO   (of the Dominican Army) Hubert Wilke
LIEUT. COMMANDER JACK MORRELL  (of the U.S. Gunboat "Vixen") Harry Fairleigh
ABIJAH BOOZE   (American Consul in Puerto Plata) Raymond Hitchcock
CARLOS   (vendor of baskets) J. P. Coombs
SANCHO   (proprietor of Los Dos Toros Restaurant) Frank Ranney
NUNEZ   (chef of Los Dos Toros Restaurant) Albert Juhre
FELIPO   (telegraph operator) Jack Pratt
(Officers under Capt. Leopoldo (Local Army)) {
Basil Millspaugh
Harry Hadley
VASQUEZ   (Vice President) Angelo Ricardo
DONNA TERESA   (a wealthy widow) Eva Davenport
BONITA   (her daughter) Flora Zabelle
PAPINTA   (her niece) Rose Botti
INEZ   (Sancho's wife) Estrella Carmichael
JUANITA   (a flower girl) Diamond Donner
ESTRELLA   (a fruit girl) May Wheeler
BLANCA   (a barmaid) Sally McNeel
(Friends of the Girls) {
Mae Darling
Lila Conquest
Madge Burgess
Sophie Witt
Lilian Elredge
Zana Austin
Mae Flavin
Gertrude O'Neil

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   A public square in Puerto Plata, Republic of Santo Domingo.

ACT II   -   Exterior of Governor mansion - (evening of the same day).

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