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Fun, II - 16th September 1865

Did you hear of the use of ozone, ohone?
It's the best disinfectant that's known, they've shown.
  Though it doesn't appear
To my mind very clear,
Yet we'll sing of the praise of ozone, ohone!
Oh! we'll sing of the praise of ozone!

I don't quite see how it can act — in fact
In a room where a hundred are packed it's lacked:
  In a tenanted place
Not a ghost of a trace
Of the gas that is known as ozone is shown,
Not a trace of this useful ozone!

But if on Ben Nevis's top you stop,
You will find of this gas there's a crop — but drop
  To the regions below,
And experiments show
Not a trace of this useful ozone is known,
Not a trace of this useful ozone!

In a desert 'twill cover the ground, all round,
And up in the clouds I'll be bound it's found;
  But oh, it's a pity
That here in the city
The divvle a drop of ozone is blown,
Not a drop of this useful ozone!

t's because I'm an ignorant chap, mayhap,
And I daresay I merit a slap or rap,
  But it's never, you see,
Where it's wanted to be,
So I call it Policeman Ozone — it's known
By my friends as Policeman Ozone!

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