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No. 38 - Song - "Hen-ri-et-ta! Have you met her?"


Solo: In a quiet little village,
not so very far away,
There lived a pretty maiden
just as sweet as flow'rs of May,
And ev'rybody said
this little maid was so demure
That she would be an angel certain sure,
She was quite a model of propriety and dress,
Always blushed when spoken to
and answer'd no, or yes,
Never had a beau or went to parties, no indeed,
Never saw a novel she would read.
Chorus: Henrietta, you are saintly,
Always smile so very faintly,
All your manners are so quaintly,
When you face and 'gin to ponder
Will you be so good, I wonder.
Henrietta, I declare it,
All my life is yours, I swear it,
If you would consent to share it,
Henrietta! Have you met her? Henrietta.
Solo: Henrietta reached the city,
and she lived there just a year;
Up went the price of di'monds
and even bread was dear.
Soon all the chappies were in town,
policemen all resign'd;
The midway dancers soon were out of mind.
At the races ev'ry horse
she back'd was sure to win,
Champagne by the basket,
just to wash her tresses in,
Paint a bright vermillion on
the room she quickly spread,
When the day would dawn, she'd go to bed.
Chorus: Henrietta, you're a corker,
You're a wonder as a talker,
When you fleece an old New-Yorker,
First you take him, then you break him,
then you do your best to shake him,
Henrietta, you're a wonder,
Bank accounts you smash like thunder,
Never known to make a blunder,
Henrietta! Have you met her? Henrietta.
Solo: Henrietta went to Europe
with some other high-toned girls,
But they were never "in it"
with the noble Dukes and Earls.
She might have been a Princess
but she played a diff'rent game,
They soon found out the reason why she came.
She had heard of foreign counts
who have been bought and sold,
She believ'd in keeping circulating all this gold,
So instead of bringing home
a lot of titled trash,
She came back with ev'ry kind of cash.
Chorus: Henrietta, you're a winner,
All their pocket books are thinner
Since they took you out to dinner,
You are "up to date" completely,
for you fool'd them all so neatly.
When those honey'd words are spoken,
You will have then as a token
All the "Johnnies" hearts you've broken.
Geraldina! Have you seen her? Geraldina!

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