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No. 17 - Song - Marie - "The Wind of Love."


Marie: Like a shallop in an eddy,
Like a leaf the breezes whirl,
Is the shaken heart unsteady
Of a girl, of a girl.
For her lover may deceive her,
Take her up and let her fall.
Sport a while with her and leave her
After all, after all!
Ah! Love, can you be true
When you whisper and woo,
Like the breezes,
Woo till the rose to the wind must enclose
Giving all that he pleases!
Sweet vows you repeat,
You should bear me away and above
Or could toss me to earth
As a mock to the mirth of the wind of love.
  Shall I still believe my lover
Cling to him nor let him go
Caring not if I discover
Bliss or woe, bliss or woe?
Shall I dare to call him hither,
Take the rapture of an hour
Though my joy may fall and wither
Like a flower, like a flower?
Ah! Love, if I could dare,
Then the day might be fair
And the morrow
Borne on the flight of desire and delight,
Far above any sorrow.
Why may not I fly
To the gold of the sunlight above?
Be the end what it may
I have soared for a day on the wind of love.

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