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No. 21 - Duet - Marie and Alexis - "The Woman and the Man."


Alexis: Lay down, lay down your golden crown,
The girdle of jewels that bound you;
My kisses now shall crown your brow,
My arms be a girdle around you;
Then come where love is the lord of pride,
The way is free and the world is wide;
And king of you and of love I'll be,
And you will be Queen of me!
Marie: I may not, I may not —
It can not be, I know!
For fate has fixed a bar betwixt
The ways that we must go.
Ah! say not! Ah! say not
The words I love to hear
Or I may choose the world to lose
And go with you, my dear.
(her words)
For lawless love is under a ban
For ever, for ever,
I may not choose and love a man,
Ah, never! Ah, never!
I wait alone upon my throne,
Forget me if you can.
I and you must never woo
As woman and as man!
Alexis: Give up, give up the golden cup
That brims with a glittering sorrow,
Drink as if wine this love of mine
Today and tonight and tomorrow!
For crown and sceptre are idle things,
And only lovers are lords and kings
And you're my queen till the day I die
And king of your heart am I.
Marie: I must not, I must not!
So talk of love no more.
Too high my birth for bliss and mirth
I dreamed of long before.
I trust not, I trust not
My pulse's fevered beat,
Or I should dare your lot to share
And come with you, my sweet.
(his words)
The bonds that hold, the laws that ban
We'll sever, we'll sever,
And you'll be woman, I'll be man
For ever! for ever!
When crown and throne were all unknown
Ere law and kings began,
Two were two like me and you,
The woman and the man!

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