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No. 2 - Watchmen's Chorus


Watchmen: Good folk who here rejoice,
Take heed the passing hour,
That soon with brazen voice
Shall chime from yonder tower!
When twelve o'clock shall sound,
Chorus: Goodnight,
Watchmen: Wise men are homeward bound,
Chorus: Goodnight,
Watchmen: Let night's dark pall on silence fall,
Good people all, good night,
Chorus: Goodnight,
Watchmen: Goodnight,
Chorus: Goodnight,
Watchmen: Goodnight.
Chorus: God save her Majesty,
And grant she may attain
Peace and prosperity
Throughout her royal reign!
Be this, her natal day,
The brightest ever seen!
Long may her people pray,
God save our gracious Queen!

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