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No. 13 - Duet - Rosalie and Girdle - "Delights of London."


Rosalie: I'd like to go on a London spree,
Girdle: Then come with me!
Rosalie: I'll come to tea.
Of course I want a nice one.
Girdle: What price one?
Both: What price one?
Girdle: We're bound to drop on a tea-shop near.
Rosalie: That isn't dear.
Girdle: That isn't dear.
It's what we've ev'ryone done
In London.
Both: In London.
(after dialogue:) Come for a London spree,
If you would like a lark,
Try a tea-shop, A. B. C. shop,
Just like a London clerk.
If you attempt to tip,
All of the girls will frown.
It's really ripping
When they don't have tipping
At a tea-shop up in town!
Rosalie: Of London life I am curious,
Girdle: Then take a 'bus,
Rosalie: An omnibus!
Girdle: A lot you will pick up hence
For twopence!
Both: For twopence!
Rosalie: I'll go on top, in a garden chair.
Girdle: The driver's there!
Rosalie: The driver's there!
You sit down just behind him,
And mind him!
Both: I'll/You mind him!
(after dialogue:) Come for a City ride,
That is the thing for you;
Bet a fiver that the driver
Tells you a lot that's new.
Stick to a seat outside,
Mind that you don't fall down,
You'll know the 'buses
and the complicated cusses
Of the drivers up in town!
Rosalie: I'm always fond of a little dance
When I've the chance,
Girdle: You'll get the chance!
You'll find in all positions
Both: Musicians.
Girdle: Piano organs you can meet
Up any street.
Rosalie: That will be sweet,
I'll dance while you are minding
The grinding.
Both: The grinding.
(after dialogue:) Come for a gratis free
Cake-walk in open air,
Making figures like the (black men)
Out in a London square!
Dance on until you see
Some stern policeman frown,
To the gay piano of a bold Italiano
In the streets of London town!
Girdle: You may some day be a London nurse,
Rosalie: I might do worse.
Girdle: A great deal worse!
Rosalie: And I should walk out, maybe,
With baby.
Both: With baby!
Rosalie: I'd like to look at the Palace Yard
And see the guard.
Girdle: You'll see the guard,
In all his manly beauty
On duty,
Both: On duty.
(after dialogue:) Come for a little walk,
Sauntering to and fro,
Where the sentry in the entry
Paces on sentry-go!
He's not allowed to talk,
But then his gun's laid down,
He will look bewitching
when his cane he's switching
With the nicest nurse in town!

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